The mountain pasture Goričica, like many othes above Bovec, was not suitable for
cattle but proved to be the pasture of choice for up to 500 sheep and about 150
goats. The official annual data counted 430 quintals of milk, from which 34 quintals of
cheese and 20 of cottage cheese were made. This of course refers to the high quality
cheese and cottage cheese, both authentic and inherent to the Bovec valley.
All of this was produced in a primitive but large kitchen, with a cauldron hanging
chained from the roof beam. The act of milking has remained in my memory ever
since. Sheep and goats were directed from the pen through two barn doors to the
shepherd’s hut, where two milkers, one behind the other, sat on each side. The first
one milked, but intentionally did not finish the process while the other finished milking
on the whole and nudged the animal out into the open through the barn doors to
graze and produce milk for the next time.
I came to realise that the process of milking is not something taken lightly. Think of all
the pails of milk that, in grazing months, flew down the green of the Kanin slopes and
in total, could amount to 43000kg of liquid, as milk is weighted on a scale, up high in
the pastures…

Source: Planinski vestnik, May 1978